18 Apr 2010

Free shoes

I found these fantastic shoes on the Free people clothing boutique website. Affordable and shipping pretty much everywhere! Can i get my paycheck now pretty please?

14 Apr 2010


I've seen 3 really good films lately.

Harry Brown. This is a really really good 'vigilante' thriller-crime-drama with Michael Caine, that i simply DO NOT recommend (to girls). I cried myself to sleep with two sleeping pills after watching it. If you have the courage, be my guest. Really good film.

Everybody's fine. A touching drama that will make you want Robert De Niro to be your dad. Watch it with ice cream or popcorn.

Cracks. Beautifully made drama about girls in boarding school being all mean, teenager and inlove with their PE teacher. Let me just say: Eva Green in stunning 1930s outfits and Eva Green kissing breathtaking María Valverde.

12 Apr 2010

PETS: People for ethical treatment of style

Also, as an addition to my previous post, I would like to send a message to all of Ljubljana's hipsters:

You are not cool. You have not been cool since 2007. 
Ray ban wayfarers and other big black non-correction glasses, Kanye West/shutter glasses, keffiyehs (your colorful arabic scarfs) and your 'too-cool-to-care' attitude have not been cool since 2007. 

It's 2010 now.

And despite what you think, you are probably not THAT much better than other people.

Please share this message and preserve this land for our possibly fashionable children.

5 Apr 2010