22 Apr 2011


I found this on my desktop, unpublished...If I remember correctly I was going out in the afternoon with some friends...trying out the 'front row only' My brand for SuperTrash shirt I got with the Supertrash giftbox and that charming Sofia Nogard cuff...with that comfy boyish style. If I would dare to have it my way, I'd be going around dressed like that at any occasion. I've been 'accused' by fellow blogger of having a masculine style...what can I say, i like it statement and chunky! I can't pull off fine jewellery, girly prints, ruffles and stiletto heels. I feel like a transvestite, it doesn't go with the figure and personality i guess.
Oh I just remembered I need to show you these earrings I got!

Put the mask on

After 4 days in a spa hotel, I'm left with another kilo and a tonsilitis. Yes, I did say that just to stop you from getting jealous. But it's true. 
Here's what I usually use, at home, when I don't have sauna and other luxury around to treat my skin (not that my skin likes to flaunt it) ... my other three best friends: Collistar exfoliant and regenerating mask, followed by Melvita purifying mask and Lancaster nourishing mask. Yum (says skin).

21 Apr 2011

Origami and Chic Alors!

Two wonderful jewellery makers available on Yoox...These finds are a fruit of last desperate attempt to contain myself and avoid impulsive shopping, sticking to virtual*. With things i can't afford. Phew...

*a lie, clearly

10 Apr 2011

'V mesto'

What a great Sunday! 
Nothing better than coffee and cake out in the sun, 
sunbathing on a picnic blanket with friends, 
cycling around town, wrapping the day up with a drink and a girly chat. 
Repeat please!

9 Apr 2011

It's how we roll...

Some snaps of the lovely Manja and her girly place. 
It's one of those cosy flats where you want to hang around and never leave. 
The femme fatale occupying it is not only a well spoken fashionista, a model,
a jewellery designer and media sweetheart, she also has a window shattering voice 
that works best when driving to a party playing r'n'b out loud
...and even better in a studio - the album will be out soon! 

War oh no!

Warpaint from LA


from Oxford...Coloureds

Lykke Li...again

from her album Wounded Rhymes