29 Aug 2010

We used to wait

...and Sprawl II, two enchanting tracks from Arcade Fire's new album The Suburbs

14 Aug 2010


Back from Lisboa! It is true what they say of portugese weather, sea and men (hot/cold/hot). 
I met one of the latter on a night out, our youth-exchange-leaders-boyfriends-brother, a lovely designer/surfer Sandro Costa. Apart from being an amazing person and a busy designer spending a whole night out to show the Lisbon night life to people he just met and taking us for breakfast in the morning, he also designes shirts. Me and my friend Monta played treasure hunt through Lisbon to find the Lisboa Carmo shop where they sell them and got one each. Did I say treasure hunt? I meant pleasure hunt! 


2 Aug 2010

Pushy push

Dressing up and down for the  Kitsch-Nitsch Burning down the house party. Plus, showing off my new Pushy Wamp shoes, worth every cent!