26 Feb 2010

Liam, oh Liam!


What is the difference between a bear and Liam Neeson?  - If you go to France you can get away from a bear!

What is the difference between a bear and Liam Neeson?  - Liam Neeson will talk to you on the phone before he kills you!

In a fight, who would win, Liam Neeson or a bear?  - Liam, because he's got a very particular set of skills; skills he had acquired over a very long career.

And here is a proof of Liam's double-faceness

25 Feb 2010


Ciao bella!

My first (completely and absolutely) home-made vegetarian whole-wheat pizza! (If you're guessing what's on it, aubergines, courgettes, sundried tomatos, artichoke, white asparagus, belgian endive, tomato sauce, oregano, pizza cheese, sour cream and i added a bit of avocado on top after taking a photo...and don't forget chilli oil!) The shape is obviously made to be photo-friendly.

num num

19 Feb 2010

Blue Denim Đins

Finally! Finally! Finally! The all-jeans trend is back. Bring it on! Too bad my only jeans jacket is can-you-see-my-boobs short and has massive 80s sleeves which does not agree with my figure and my jeans coat is heavy, artificially dirty and has no shape. The super hot skirts i have are about 2 sizes too small, all my secondary school jeans trousers are very low-waist and the beautiful jeans belt bag i had, i gave away. Win.

17 Feb 2010

Maškare No.2

So, for Pustni Torek/Pancake day (call it whatever you like) we went pub crawling (only made it to 3 places) ending up in Gala Hala, Metelkova for Carnival party. In the whole night we had 4 drinks for 8€ each (good, yes?), missed the applications for the best costume contest, danced to 90s dance and pop music, met loads of people and lost our voice and/or ability to get up and go to work. Best costumes of last night, according to my poor camera:

 Blue sheet brownface man

Golden glitter people from space

Bearded cardboard guitar man
Dark pancakes with writings on them

Black and white person with a stick

Short-sighted pirate impersonator
Green shiny sea people

Elephant man from the future

Sour cream and Mustard

 Pet molester

 Time traveller

 Hairy face baloon man

16 Feb 2010


Thank you for padded shoulders and sequins and shiny bits and...other things Mr.Decarnin...what else can a girl wish for?

15 Feb 2010


This year me and my co-pilot decided to make our own costumes for the carneval (13th-17th feb.). Everyone is keep asking us if we're the couple of english pilots from 'Allo 'allo...no, we're not! We're just a regular couple of normal RAF pilots (Flight Lieutenant and Group Captain) from WW1 with fake moustache, ok?! And not just that, we even had our own royal couple with us!
Success? I think so!:)

13 Feb 2010

SS10 Campaigns No.3

Anja Rubik by Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi SS10 campaign


Julia Stegner for Trussardi SS10

12 Feb 2010

SS10 Campaigns No.2

Alberta Ferretti SS10
Iris Strubegger for Francesco Scognamiglio SS10