21 Mar 2011

Sofia Nogard

The other day I had a chance to visit the Sofia Nogard studio in Ljubljana. Welcomed by Boštjan Mljač,
 one of the designers, me and Manja, who also modelled for brands Spring campaign,
 enthusiastically dug into the world of colourful leather, exceptional handmade and laser-cut detailing and dreamy fabrics. 
Tried on some of the pieces that caught our eye, including bags and an amazing pair of gloves. 
You cannot leave such a place without a souvenir, so I got myself an all-leather cuff bracelet and vowed to come back...
The current collection will be available at Tavčarjeva shop and Trgovina Ika in Ljubljana and Olivija in Ajdovščina,
whereas the previous seasons sale is now on at the Sofia Nogard studio. Definitely a must.
from Sofia Nogard S/S 2011 campaign

made for me, agree?

loved at first sight, bought at second

20 Mar 2011

Sun day

Sunday with Miša - 'If you find a better dealwe will match the price.'

all photos by Muscovites Sky, furball by Nina

19 Mar 2011


Yep, my personal record. Yesterday I spent the whole 20 hours in high heels. Very high, very heels. I took my new Asos clogs out for a walk and it turned out a marathon, ending with senseless clubbing late at night (swapped them for more comfortable high heeled boots then). There's nothing more fun than starting a day with a fashion show, followed by a coffee, hanging out with a friend, faffing about town doing all the little things you never find time for, meeting up with inspiring bears done hybernating, going through some breathtaking pieces in a designers studio (more about that in the next post)...and evening drinks, then dancing your feet off. Ouch. Best day in weeks.

Wearing Asos clogs and ring, American Apparel white tee, MaxMara blazer and borrowed sunnies, Primark cheap-but-fit-perfectly jeans.

photos by Manja P.


Yesterday there was a SuperTrash press conference held by Galerija Emporium, hosting Olcay Gulsen, the stunning Dutch beauty behind the label, who took over the company in 2009. Miss Gulsen presented the brand, founded to bring a fresh breeze into fashion world with collections designed for strong, independent, fashionable women, at affordable prices. 
With already 27 retailers around the world and two headquarters, aiming for success is paying off. The Dutch ambassador came to show his support to the label and the idea of young ambitious women to start their own companies. Amongst the models, we spotted Tjaša Kokalj, former Miss Universe Slovenia and the labels ambassador. We all received fantastic SuperTrash gift boxes with limited edition merchandise, and there were champagne, strawberries, tulips and some really lovely people. After all the shenanigans and nearly falling down the escalator holding boxes in killer heels, we couldn't resist but go through the SuperTrash collection on the second floor of Galerija Emporium...and try some pieces on! Ahh...fabulous! 

'not just for stunners like that, but for normal women as well...'
hmmm do you think what I think? Nope, no Marina Diamandis this time, just a fab lookalike.
left to right: plastic, plastic, gorgeous, gorgeous and the ambassador
ring riiing...model delivery


Fashion victim overdoing the fur trend in spring. Love the make up and center part.

 Polona Zoja Jambrek, Manja Plešnar and Maja Nemec
Still figuring out if thats socks plus shoes or just shoes. Looks ace though.
Model and SuperTrash ambassador Tjaša Kokalj with labels Olcay Gulsen

my favourite
 SuperTrash Manja - We'd give up coffee for this jacket! (for good!)