31 Mar 2010


I don't really wear jewellery. It's hard for me to find something i like and when i do find it, i buy it  - and then not wear it. My arms don't like bracelets cause they get in the way, my neck doesn't agree with necklaces because they get tangled in my scarf and my ears start to hurt when i wear the earrings plus they get stuck in my hair. I do wear some of my rings on my fingers, but they also get uncomfortable sometimes. My eyes though, my eyes do like jewellery...

From top: 
Assad Mounser, Disaya, Dsquared, Eddie Borgo, Erickson Beamon, Fenton, Givenchy, Shourouk, Shourouk, Lara Bohinc


29 Mar 2010


Dear Dominic

I hope life treats you well. And that these gloves you designed, never make it to high street.
The only person that would wear these, is the love child of Madonna and Freddy Krueger.
But for as long as they let her adopt, that will not happen. So there.

with love
Muscovites sky

Dominic Jones gloves

16 Mar 2010


I went to Graz last weekend to do some vintage and second-hand shopping and - well of course, sightseeing!
First we spent some time in the city centre, went to see exhibitions, the castle, The Body Shop and MAC, then my favourite vintage clothes and accessories second hand shop Garderobe. I got a lovely Tommy Hilfiger bag for only 35€! Then, on our way to the Zotter chocolate factory in Riegersburg, we found a beautiful Hansel und Gretel type house with a witch on the window across the street in Hatzendorf. Anyway, Chocolate factory! Tasting, buying, staring at millions of chocolates in the most unbelievable combinations (what do you say to a chocolate with roses and basil? - num!). They had walls made of cocoa beans, piranhas and rainforest storm simulation in the loos, chocolate fountains and a lot of...chocolate!

a bit of architecture

fairytale house

Zotter chocolate factory

15 Mar 2010

Funny fruit veg thing

I got this funny spikey veg (insert name) from my mum and got told that you cook it like you would cook a courgette. So I did! I added a bit of broccoli, peas, vegan cream, parmesan, spices and herbs and threw it up in the air so it landed on a plate of wholegrain pasta! It looked a bit like this:

*Use gloves and knives and forkes when picking it up and cuttnig the evil spikes off! It DOES hurt!

11 Mar 2010



Barbara Bui

Derek Lam



Jimmy Choo





Just a photo


I saw The secret life of bees last night, a beautiful story about a little girl, her mothers and bees - a must see! You will find Will Smith and his lovely wife as its producers and an unusual cast - Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Paul Bettany

Talking about the bees...here's a video I made at uni 2 years ago after a jazz gig we went to see


9 Mar 2010

Vegan Brownies

What you need for about 6 of these yummy vegan brownies:

1 cup of all-purpose flour
4 tablespoons of vanilla flavoured icing sugar
2-3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of baking powder
a tiny bit of salt
a bit less than a full glass of water
a bit less than a full glass of vegetable oil
chopped almonds
chunks of cooking chocolate

Stir the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt, then add water and oil and mix until its well blended. Add almonds and chocolate chunks. Put in a small baking dish tray thing and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes on 175°C. Leave it for 10 minutes to set before cutting, then stuff your mouth with it until you're feeling a bit sick.

Food ...again

Veggie rolls with ceasar salad! Yum yum! Rice with herbs and linseed, flaky pastry with stir fried mixed vegetables and nuts...you don't need the recipe, if you want to make it, improvise!

5 Mar 2010

Isabeli vs. Valerija

Two gorgeous brunettes in the same frock - feminine against androgynous - 
Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana in Jean Paul Gaultier in Russian Harpers Bazaar March 2010 ...

and Slovene model Valerija Kelava in the same dress for February's Dazed & Confused ...

Which one do you prefer?

4 Mar 2010


Človéška ríbica, tudi močeríl ali próteus (znanstveno ime Proteus anguinus) je dvoživka, ki živi v podzemnih vodah Dinarskega krasa od porečja reke Soče pri Trstu v Italiji, preko južne Slovenije in jugozahodne Hrvaške do reke Trebišnice v Hercegovini.[2] Je edini evropski predstavnik družine močerilarjev (Proteidae), edini predstavnik rodu Proteus in edini jamski vretenčar v Evropi. Preostalih šest predstavnikov družine uvrščamo v rod Necturus. Živijo na vzhodu ZDA, kjer naseljujejo površinske vode.(Wikipedia)

The olm, or proteus (Proteus anguinus), is a blind amphibian endemic to the subterranean waters of caves of the Dinaric karst of southern Europe. It lives in the waters that flow underground through this extensive limestone region including waters of the Soča river basin near Trieste in Italy, through to southern Slovenia, southwestern Croatia, and Herzegovina.[2] The olm is the only species in its genus Proteus, the only European species of the family Proteidae, and the only European exclusively cave-dwelling chordate. The other six species live in the east part of USA, mostly in surface waters.

European / Slovenian species:

and one of the six species that inhabit USA:

2 Mar 2010


things i found on my desktop from here and there and everywhere, some might even be from your blog. Things I liked, saved and forgot what they are...x