16 Jun 2010



taken from Shoelust, of course:

i have lust for some new shoes...sigh

10 Jun 2010


I dreamt about this song last night:

Fleet Foxes - Your Protector

7 Jun 2010

VV dressup - play - repeat

Some pics from the Vintage vikend shop free-time. There was a lot of sun, no water and a bunch of fun clothes. Throw the first stone!

Working outfit. All clothes vintage with Finsk shoes.

It doesnt get anymore vintage than that does it. Useful to scare off tourists.

Again, all vintage clothing from the shop.

This lovely dress was designed by Nina Štajner and is super comfortable, hence the over confident posing.

4 Jun 2010

Vintage Vikend opening

The second hand and vintage market opening yesterday was an incredible dance of eager fashionistas and shoppers, boys and girls, as well as some very stylish ladies looking for unique clothes and accessories. We sold out most of the stuff in the first hour! I want to thank everyone for being so inspiring and for all the lovely compliments, excitement and such unbelievably positive response!

I would also like to thank our PR for an impressive media coverage, master Hatanaa for the amazing performance, Anže Vrabl for incredible photos and the stunning girls from the Farandula shop, without whom none of this would have happened as it did. My thanks also go to the supportive and genuinely fun people who stayed for post-show celebrations!

Don't forget, we're still there until Sunday!!!

Hopefully there will be more opportunities to do this again, and we will make sure you get to know about it when we do!
Thanks again xxx

all photos: Anže Vrabl