28 Oct 2009

Eye lash you

Last Thursday I pulled off fake eylashes for the first time. Celebration!
Last year I tried the Essence ones (don't judge me, they cost a bit more than 2€) and I couldn't attach them! Once I managed they actually looked like centipedes with moustache. Then I wanted to get MACs, but 7€ seemed too much at the time. Now I got Wimp'rs ones and they still last...for only 4€.


For more tips  and ideas check Shu Uemuras models...

Let me remind you, at this occasion, ladies, do always keep your eyelash glue in the bag with you and always curl your own eyelashes before applying the mascara!!

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  1. Hej hej. Danes sem prvič videla tvoj blog. Lušen je! (:
    Sem te linkala (:

    Mir in ljubezen!