29 Jul 2010

Make-up bag

In this post i will be nice and tell you what my favourite make up thingys are.

Bourjois Healthy mix concealer. It doesnt smell nice but the texture and smoothness will make you want to apply it all over your face. The shades are also snowhites friendly (I promoted the 'see-through is the new tan' trend on the beach last week).

Sun Bronzing Trio by KIKO (in shade 03 sculpting beige) is the best thing ever. It will make your cheekbones stand out and your nose straight if it isnt. Lovely.
Blush soft touch formula, also by KIKO no. 103 is a lovely sparkly blush in orangey-pink shade. 

Probably everyones favourite, MAC fluidline Blitz&Glitz. I'm sure you all havi it at home, so i won't be losing words over this one.

Kiehl's MARVELOUS MINERAL MASCARA is the best mascara you will find for £15. Its black, smooth, easy to apply, semi-waterproof (as in you can't dive but you're allowed to cry a bit), not lumpy, it's paraben free, with jojoba oil and acacia senegal. What else could you ask for.

REVLON ColorStay 12 hour eye shadow in 19 Wildflower, perfect pastel shades for summer make up. I mostly use purple one with taupe-brown.

LIPFUSION lipgloss. I bought this ages ago when they had the 2 for 1. Lip plump with micro collagen. Does it work? a little bit. It will make your lips kissable but dont apply it right before kissing! I apply it before lipstik, but have to wipe it off a bit. Plump!

Ahhh fashionable nude creamy lipstick from KIKO in 396. Very handy for summer cos you dont need a lip pencil and you can reaplly it  without a mirror after having ice cream!


  1. Pred nekaj dnevi sem končno postala uporabnica Fluidlina. Eyeliner kar naenkrat ni več moja najhujša nočna mora.

  2. kudos for promoting 'see-through is the new tan' trend! =) tan is so ten years ago.