22 Apr 2011


I found this on my desktop, unpublished...If I remember correctly I was going out in the afternoon with some friends...trying out the 'front row only' My brand for SuperTrash shirt I got with the Supertrash giftbox and that charming Sofia Nogard cuff...with that comfy boyish style. If I would dare to have it my way, I'd be going around dressed like that at any occasion. I've been 'accused' by fellow blogger of having a masculine style...what can I say, i like it statement and chunky! I can't pull off fine jewellery, girly prints, ruffles and stiletto heels. I feel like a transvestite, it doesn't go with the figure and personality i guess.
Oh I just remembered I need to show you these earrings I got!

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  1. zelo luštna, ti kar ostani pri svojem stilu*