27 Oct 2012

Make-up rambling

Hello there. I haven't been posting frequently for the last 6 months or so due to piles of work and other stuff going on. As some of you know I recently started working as a professional make-up artist. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made, I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing or doing it with greater feeling of devotion and satisfaction.

And make-up, or better, perception of beauty, is what I wanted to discuss in this post. I decided to share this thoughts with you after yet another client coming to me saying they're ugly and old, referring to wrinkles and lines. ''Make these disappear.''

Whatever I said, I couldn't make the lady see how beautiful she was. Yes, the skin a bit saggier and eyelids droopier, but amazingly good looking for her age, she must have been in her fifties (if she was 32 I take it all back). Another woman in her eighties said she used to be beautiful, but now shes wrinkled and unattractive. She had that loving grandmother look about her, and was utterly sweet and delicate.
We all get wrinkled as we age, it's the natural process, if anything they are reminders of wisdom and experience (in some cases only the latter) and you should be glad you have them - if you didn't it meant you didn't live long enough too get them.

One client came looking for a bright pearly purple jumbo eye-pencil she was about to run out of. She likes to apply it heavily under her lower eyelid. We know that's 'wrong' in more than one way - don't put purple on the under eye area if you have under eye circles or tired eyes, avoid putting pearly anything on mature face, and so on). I didn't have that exact product, so I offered to help her find something that might suit her needs - nothing would make me happier in that moment than wowing her by doing her make-up in the most flattering way- but she clearly wasn't there looking for advice or prepared to try anything else, so I didn't say anything more. After she has left, my mate popped out her eyes. We all thought the same thing, but the truth is, if she felt comfortable, confident and beautiful wearing that somewhat horrible shade, let her. After all that's the point of wearing any kind of make-up, so bless her.

The industry based on consumerism is washing our brains to unbelievable extent. Nobody needs make up (unless you're a TV presenter or a red-carpet regular), it's a matter of choice, an accessory that highlights your good looks. I'm not there to fix you, but to make you feel even more beautiful, if you let me.

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  1. odlično napisano! keep up with the good work! =)