6 Jan 2013

Konjac anyone?

I've been tempted to buy a famous Konjac sponge for a while now, but didn't feel like paying 9€ for a novelty like that. So after finding it cheaper in KIKO shop, I gave it a go (marketing 'ho' much?). Anyways, the thing works. It's so gentle to the skin, it's basically getting a facial micro-massage by angels. I don't get the concept of using sponges to 'clean' more than twice, so I use it after I've cleansed my face. Don't ask me how it works, but after using it, the skin is soft and glowing, not dry and thirsty like after rinsing the cleanser off. And it's actually a vegetable (from Konjac plant root), hence worth its money even just for the joy of squeezing it. Happy new year by the way.

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