20 Jan 2010

Alek Wek

Alek Wek has been my favourite model for years. She's been on the runways since 1995, and still looks stunning. I remember watching the Oprah show where they were explaining how her family moved to Britain when she was only 14, from South Sudan where she was born and raised as part of the Dinka ethnic group, because of the civil war. A while after being discovered by a model scout at an open market in England, she moved to US. She's hot and skinny but sure being in Tina's Golden Eye video and Janet Jacksons video helped her becoming one of the most celebrated supermodels (she was named model of the year 1997 by MTV). There's a wild, elegant attractiveness and child's sweetness about her, that make her breathtaking. And not just that, she's talented as well! In 2006 she launched got her own line of handbags Wek1933 and she published autobiography book about her nomadic childhood.

pc: www.alekwek1933.com, i-D 3/09 and others

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