25 Jan 2010

Spinach in pastry with friends (V)

You need: flaky pastry, spinach leaves, feta cheese, Parmesan, pine nuts, chives, black pepper, different vegetables that you like, shallots, sunflower oil, olive oil, quick-cook couscous, linseeds, salt, 35 minutes of your time, empty stomach, power music and/or The Mighty Boosh series in the background (optional).

Put flaky pastry in a baking bowl and spread a bit of butter on top. Put it in the oven (220°C) for 5 minutes. While waiting, steam spinach leaves in their own juice, strain it, then put it on the pastry with feta cheese and maybe a bit of sour cream and pine nuts. Add black pepper and herbs (chives) if you wish. Put it back in the oven for approx. 10 minutes.

Tell your boyfriend not to come in the kitchen 'cause it's a surprise twice. (optional)

Chop different kinds of vegetables (courgettes, peppers, broccoli, green beans, shallots, aubergines...) and cook them for about 10 minutes, then put them in a frying pan with sunflower oil, salt, pepper, herbs and spices and leave it to fry until it starts to go slightly brown.

Make quick-cook couscous and add olive oil, linseeds, grated Parmesan and chopped shallots and salt. I also used a spoon of Bisto to give it a bit more taste.

Put it all on a plate, use a fork and a knife to eat, try not to make a mess.

Dober tek!

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