17 Feb 2010

Maškare No.2

So, for Pustni Torek/Pancake day (call it whatever you like) we went pub crawling (only made it to 3 places) ending up in Gala Hala, Metelkova for Carnival party. In the whole night we had 4 drinks for 8€ each (good, yes?), missed the applications for the best costume contest, danced to 90s dance and pop music, met loads of people and lost our voice and/or ability to get up and go to work. Best costumes of last night, according to my poor camera:

 Blue sheet brownface man

Golden glitter people from space

Bearded cardboard guitar man
Dark pancakes with writings on them

Black and white person with a stick

Short-sighted pirate impersonator
Green shiny sea people

Elephant man from the future

Sour cream and Mustard

 Pet molester

 Time traveller

 Hairy face baloon man

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