28 May 2011


What's better than something leather, strong, useful, stylish, elegant AND that fits in your pocket?
This gorgeous protective phone case made of fine materials like titanium, leather and black silver is suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry and HTC. All you fashionistas can get one for a promotional price if you preorder it now.
In the distributor/designers own words:
''A specially designed micro-fabric inner skin, titanium enclosure for protection, covered with elegant Italian leather and – for the final sparkle – a beautiful CalypsoRing made of precious metals - silver or gold
The most appealing and elegant 2011 spring/summer collection is now fully crowdfunded trough the design “kickstarter” CKIE, assuring great prices and best rewards for early backers on www.ckie.com/project/calypsocase.The CalypsoCase priced at $129 is now available for pre-order for only $70.''

Stop being selfish, your phone deserves a nice summer outfit too! 
photos taken from aderca and calypsocase

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