1 May 2011

To channel Pippa

So, soon I will have to master the role of miss Philippa. Only a month left and I'm stuck with loads of tasks, things to prepare and do and absolutely no idea what to wear. If the budget would allow, I could make my mind up quickly of course. Will opt for something in neutrals or color, knee-length and low key. Or not. Argh.
You know when you look at your parents or aunts and uncles wedding photos and see maids of honor and bridesmaids looking like 80s technicolor or out-of-date-fruit-coloured monsters with no sense of style? I bet they thought they nailed it. I will try to avoid having to explain to people, in a few years time, how cool i looked then.
Wearing Pippa inspired dress would make 
people mistake me for the bride, so...no.
I wouldnt mind looking like this. 
Comfy, safe and understated, with statement shoes. Hmmm...


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