28 Oct 2011

Philips FW 25.-26.Oktober

great fashion shows
free cloakroom
free drinks
designer's accessibility after the shows
Sašo Radovič's Hunter wellies
kind staff

toddlers in front rows (?!)
poor giftbags
some people's attitude
peculiar selection of guests
long gaps between shows
very little space for photographers

I got told off by miss Hermina K. for using flash in front row. Gave me advice on how to set my cam while clapping her gracious hands. 
A hard thing to swallow when you admire someone to that extent. That will teach me!
Thanks again to Aleksandra Brlan and Matevž Faganel for invitations x
Aleksandra Brlan
Ymocion Vladimira Kralj
Tanja Zorn Grželj
Farandula in I-Bag
Pletenine Draž
Firma - Sanja Grcić
Almira Sadar in Niti niti
Good One (UK)
Nina Šušnjara
Maja Ferme
Nataša Hrupič
Akultura in Marjeta Grošelj
Zoran Garevski
Nataša Peršuh

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  1. Hrupiceva in Persuhova izstopajo. Kroji-mmmmmmm.