16 Mar 2010


I went to Graz last weekend to do some vintage and second-hand shopping and - well of course, sightseeing!
First we spent some time in the city centre, went to see exhibitions, the castle, The Body Shop and MAC, then my favourite vintage clothes and accessories second hand shop Garderobe. I got a lovely Tommy Hilfiger bag for only 35€! Then, on our way to the Zotter chocolate factory in Riegersburg, we found a beautiful Hansel und Gretel type house with a witch on the window across the street in Hatzendorf. Anyway, Chocolate factory! Tasting, buying, staring at millions of chocolates in the most unbelievable combinations (what do you say to a chocolate with roses and basil? - num!). They had walls made of cocoa beans, piranhas and rainforest storm simulation in the loos, chocolate fountains and a lot of...chocolate!

a bit of architecture

fairytale house

Zotter chocolate factory

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