15 Oct 2010

Ieeja - Izeja

...were the first two words i learned in Latvia. Today we went walking around Riga, spent most of the money on 'souvenirs', stalked some newlyweds and found two amazing Topshop equivalents. I am surprised by the amount of beautiful people and shoes in this country! Not to mention the shoes! And the shoes! Good that i dont have the money, its not healthy to feed addictions...
Lessons learned: When in Latvia, find sweets, amber jewellery*, alcohol*, shoes, a spouse** and warm woolen socks.

* optional
** if applicable and available

Newlyweds put locks on bridges fences for luck. A lot are taken off later...
Trying to pull off an architects portrait face in front of The Latvian Union of Architects
no problem
 counting down days to christmas tree
a latvian 'DO'...could have been me
sporting the new fresh from red carpet no make-up trend in Riga
 sweet bread soup with whipped cream and sea buckthorn tea

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