15 Oct 2010


No, not Louis Vuitton, you eager fashionistas.
After a high-quality night spent at Stansted's blue benches with some not fun sleeping people, a boobs magazine left behind, and some unnecessary airport shopping i finally arrived to Riga today. The pilot and the cabin crew were running around the plane in panic, with worried faces, as it took them 30 minutes to get the boeing ready for takeoff with a long delay, doors not closing properly, power going out and the aircraft being so old the seats didn't have those useful pockets at the back. I said my prayers and hoped my ears wont explode again, due to a severe cold and change of pressure. Despite the expensive special flight discomfort relieving earplugs, they did. Obviously, the plan has landed. In the "show me your passport and i will check your country exists" area there were four british boys behind me in the queue, speaking like they were in the N'Dubz.

I met my two gorgeous baltic friends right outside the ''run after your luggage or wait again" area. Hugs and kisses, we ended up having an amazing veg meal, a salad, two desserts and a coffee in a self service restaurant. 5.5lats. Next time I'm having just 4 desserts. The yumminess is beyond what words can express.
There was an exhibition of a Latvian artist making animal figures out of car parts. Us 3 and a lost pigeon were the only visitors at the time. Spectacular. 
Latvian ethnographic open air museum of 19. century village with an actual real time weather. Old houses, beds in the kitchen, curtains over beds, funny children equipment and fantastic lighting worth of MacGyver's envy. Wooden faces and a guard dog from the forest and a hot tea later, we are now in Jelgava, having more tea.
Lessons learned: If you see a thread hanging from your sweaters sleeve, dont pull it. You will end up with a lot of thread and no sleeve.

If you didnt get what i did with the colour of the text above, shame on you!

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