4 Oct 2010

Saturday night da ba da dan dee dee dee da

After two nights of 'partying' (being in bed at 1am still counts as partying yes?) I had to trick my body into thinking its awake and ready to do it again. Yummy home made plum pie and some poisonous drinks and i ended up in bed again. For 3 hours. Then hiking for another 3, to detox. At the top of the mountain, my friend Has tried to steal some mans steak, so we got told off. Picked up some rubbish people left behind in the forest, to make up for the last few nights. Working behind a computer for hours is easy if you can't feel your legs.

In case you care: Segue bag, Schuh boots, some old 'ballast clothing' and vintage top and blazer. 
Semi-smiley face provided by strong will to party, floor, walls and pic by Nina - KitchyBitchy and her stolen camera.

Things that have made or are yet to make my day today:

- Coffee in bed and chocolate-banana pancakes for breakfast
- My friends two month-old throwing up when asked to comment on my love life.
- Morrissey and his sad lyrics
- Writing about fashion - a great excuse to spend the day reading fashion blogs and articles
- Playing 'This is not your bone' with Has
- Full DIY facial
- Watching Supermodel.si show on the telly, since the auditions i only watch it cos i have a crush on two members of the jury, the woman and the man on her right.
- Cleaning up the mess in the bathroom, so my skin care products will feel more loved
- Going to get the new Vogue


  1. kk so podboji od vrat nekam vijugasti
    ;) tc tc tc

  2. neeee to je kabel od interneta podboj je cis raven! :D
    eva ful lepa pa ful mas lep makeup pa nina ti tut