6 Jan 2011

Midi is for girls

You know this 'new' length that's so fashion forward lately? Yeah that one, i love it. So ladylike and flattering! I was told not to dress up, cos we were late already. Ummm...who's this Dontdressup bloke? Never met him. Give him my number. 
Olive, forest and military green were banned from my wardrobe together with bordeaux in 2002, for no particular reason, I simply couldnt stand them anymore, made me feel uncomfortable. Now, after years of neutrals, blacks, and blues, im letting some of the outcasts back in. Nothing to do with Wikileaks. And they come in wool oh yes they do. So A/Winter 2010. 

So how about my new room in the background, eh? Will post pictures of that too. And yes, even when you're late, there's always time to take photos for the blog, don't judge!

1 comment:

  1. very nice...super make-up pa cela si lepa, s sobo vred :)