16 Mar 2011

Eat this, Photoshop!

Make up forever, a professional makeup brand founded in 1984, launched the 'revolutionary', first none-airbrushed makeup ad. With a gorgeous model. A step forward, but really, does it make any difference? I wonder how many takes it took, to get a photo that didn't need airbrushing. And who actually buys the airbrushed perfection anyway?
On the other hand, yes, I do want a HD complexion, invisibly covered, in my shade. Even more, I'd like to look like that model...erm, not gonna happen, eh? 
I would totally win at 'Who's got a nicer elbow' though.

In general this ad is a lovely idea and i do salute it! 
available in most SEPHORA stores (i think our closest is the one in Trieste?)

1 comment:

  1. Zakon! Če bi se ličila, bi ziher kupla zaradi originalne reklame.

    Mir in ljubezen!