19 Mar 2011


Yep, my personal record. Yesterday I spent the whole 20 hours in high heels. Very high, very heels. I took my new Asos clogs out for a walk and it turned out a marathon, ending with senseless clubbing late at night (swapped them for more comfortable high heeled boots then). There's nothing more fun than starting a day with a fashion show, followed by a coffee, hanging out with a friend, faffing about town doing all the little things you never find time for, meeting up with inspiring bears done hybernating, going through some breathtaking pieces in a designers studio (more about that in the next post)...and evening drinks, then dancing your feet off. Ouch. Best day in weeks.

Wearing Asos clogs and ring, American Apparel white tee, MaxMara blazer and borrowed sunnies, Primark cheap-but-fit-perfectly jeans.

photos by Manja P.

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