21 Mar 2011

Sofia Nogard

The other day I had a chance to visit the Sofia Nogard studio in Ljubljana. Welcomed by Boštjan Mljač,
 one of the designers, me and Manja, who also modelled for brands Spring campaign,
 enthusiastically dug into the world of colourful leather, exceptional handmade and laser-cut detailing and dreamy fabrics. 
Tried on some of the pieces that caught our eye, including bags and an amazing pair of gloves. 
You cannot leave such a place without a souvenir, so I got myself an all-leather cuff bracelet and vowed to come back...
The current collection will be available at Tavčarjeva shop and Trgovina Ika in Ljubljana and Olivija in Ajdovščina,
whereas the previous seasons sale is now on at the Sofia Nogard studio. Definitely a must.
from Sofia Nogard S/S 2011 campaign

made for me, agree?

loved at first sight, bought at second


  1. oh yes. I know. Obožujem obiske na Rimski ;) wiii...čaki, da vidiš mojo hudo torbico iz pariško modrega usnja v kombinaciji s črnim blagom in naborki, ki mi jo je naredila Mija. čistr sem zacopana v Sofijo Nogard in Manja je superkul na novih fotkah !!

  2. ooo dej pokazi!! i wanna see:)