22 May 2012

One-off one-piece

My complexion is a frequent target of sun's 'burned' jokes.
With that and my obsession with saving my skin from UVA/UVB sun rays in mind, 
I rarely sunbathe and pretty much stay out of the sun even when I go to the beach for a swim.
Not worrying about tan lines or a tanned stomach, I've been looking for a hot one-piece swimsuit
for two seasons now and the best high street shops can do, is a tacky cut-out in four different colours. 
So, before I settle for a bargain at H&M or Zara, I searched for some inspiration online.
If I had a no-fucks-given-budget, you'd see me sipping a cocktail by the beach (well, you wouldn't see me,
it being a highly secured private beach) in one of these:
I'm not actually serious about the Cynthia Rowley wetsuit, but it would definitely leave underwater animal kingdom in awe.

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