8 May 2012

Unlikely winners

 Karolina Kurkova is the absolute winner of Met Gala, in that Rachel Zoe dress, 
a billion dollars' got nothing on her. I love Rihanna's Tom Ford, 
it's clean and gives the word crocs a chance for a fresh start. 
Can't remember the name of the 3rd gurl, but I like the simplicity of her outfit. Aw!
 Ok, let me explain. Florence, because she giggled on the red carpet and she doesn't GAF. 
Kirsten Dunst, because she reminds me so much of my grandmother in this
and yes, my gran used to be a primary school teacher in 1950s and on. 
And whatever SJP is wearing, because I'd love to wear it at home and pretend I'm a princess. 
Would probably change to tracksuit to go out though.
Diane Kruger, because I don't think anyone else can pull this off without everyone thinking 'pregnant'. 
Lea Michele looks like an Olympic swimmer, but I love her and she's wearing my favourite colour. 
And sweet Emma Stone, because I like strawberries and I like Emma Stone.

There were a lot of wonderful sparkly outfits, a lot of safe choices
and even more of massive fashion fails at this years MG. 
Whatever happened to Jessica Biel's hemline, ugh. 
Still, my biggest disappointment was her gorgeousness Alexa.
All photos shamelessly stolen from the daily mail...

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