15 Nov 2010

The Curious Case Of Beauty Routine

This is what you should do at least once a week to give your skin a break from the nasty chemicals in beauty products. 
The vinegar smells and the face mask is messy, but its fun and worth it. 
You'll look like your younger sister! So, Benjamin Button, bring it on!
(all drawings are property of muscovitessky.blogspot.com)

1. (optional) - Be gentle with your skin, specially if the bits are not very fine!

2. If you didn't follow step 1, clean your skin first. The tea tree oil is antiseptic and the giger root does wonders.
This will open up your pores and make your face go 'Ahuuhh!!'

3. (optional) Use less soda if you have a sensitive skin. it will help with impurities. 
There's vitamin E in the flour, lactic acid and zinc in yoghurt, vitamins and antioxidants in grapes and in olive oil. 
It will clean, soothe, soften and tighten the skin and refine the pores while nourishing your it.

4. Apply a few drops of apple vinegar on a damp cotton pad!

5. I've been using Bio-oil for a while now and i love it, but you can use olive oil, argan oil or any other mixture you get in an organic beauty shop or make yourself. 
If your skin is greasy or combination, go for olive oil!

Go to sleep, and try not to be too vain about your looks the next morning..:)

(all drawings are property of muscovitessky.blogspot.com) 

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