24 Nov 2010


These are the stylings I chose and prepared together with Lida S. in Galerija Emporium, for Delo Revije d.d. newspapers Christmas supplement.
The photos were taken by the amazing and patient photographer Mankica Kranjec, who initiated the project and invited us to work with her.
It was all set as an article to help the readers choose their NYE outfits without having to buy glittery christmasy clothes for the bottom drawer and to style a nice fashionable party outfit consisting of wearable trendy pieces. 

The outfits chosen cost about 4-6 times more than the average paycheck, but our point was to show the pieces you can wear together. Up to you whether you'll save or splurge. Also, I will post a nicer file when i get hold of it.

click on the image to enlarge it

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